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Developed by top experts and chosen by more than 180 leading Fortune 500 and AM Best insurance companies, Bottomline’s SaaS-based technology solutions for legal spend management will help you easily achieve your most important business goals:

• Take control of legal spend
• Improve litigation management processes
• Increase efficiency
• Speed decision making
• Drive successful case outcomes

Bottomline is chosen 3 times more than any other legal spend management vendor!

The reasons are simple:

Our thousands of users confirm that our solution is simple and easy-to-use. Your staff will be reviewing invoices and running reports in no time. Plus, it’s a Web-based solution so there’s no drain on your IT resources.

Unparalleled Configurability
Your business is unique, and our solution is designed from the ground up to support your business processes. The robust rules engine is tailored to ensure your firms and staff comply with your specific billing guidelines. Customized workflows accommodate diverse lines of business and enable seamless integration with legacy claims and accounts payable systems. It’s your solution, your way.

Superior Service & Support
Implementing a Bottomline solution is like instantly adding an on-call panel of experts to your in-house staff! Our experts, drawn from the legal, insurance and technology industries, act as an extension of your own internal teams. They’ll work to get you up and running quickly with best practice ideas, and help you develop a successful legal spend management program that delivers a significant return on your investment.

Whatever your goals might be: to save time, reduce costs, increase efficiency, or improve law firm relationships, our
services and solutions can be tailored to fit your specific needs.
For more information on Bottomline's technology solution for legal spend management, please contact us at or 603-501-5411.

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