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Why is Bottomline chosen 3X more than any other legal spend management vendor?

VPs and Directors of Claims from more than 180 companies have discovered how to bring greater levels of efficiency and savings to their companies — all while making their jobs easier. It’s as simple as choosing Bottomline, the industry’s most trusted legal spend management provider. Here are the top 3 reasons why they chose Bottomline—and why you should too.

  1. Cost control
    Bottomline customers routinely save 8-15% on their legal invoices due to improved compliance with billing guidelines --significantly more than companies using other solutions. If you are not achieving this level of savings, it’s time to talk to Bottomline about how our highly trained team of attorney auditors and bill review specialists can help you reduce your claim legal costs while taking all the worry and stress out of the bill review process.

  2. Service – the way it should be.
    We know there’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with an unresponsive vendor. It’s unacceptable that you should have to wait weeks to get a response on simple requests. To make sure our customers never get stuck in an endless service queue, we assign them an expert client advisor that is responsible for the success of their legal spend management program. Our Client Advisors pride themselves on being intimately familiar with their clients’ processes, objectives and goals – which is the way it should be. Clients also have front line access to a responsive support team, further ensuring that they get the superior level of service they deserve.

  3. Reporting
    Don’t get nickel and dimed for creating the reports you need, it’s your data! Bottomline’s legal spend management solutions offer robust, on-demand reporting tools you can use to easily generate reports on your legal spend and help you make better business decisions. Better yet, there are no additional licenses or fees, not even for the suite of pre-configured reports that have been developed in conjunction with our insurance clients. It’s your data. You can slice and dice it any way you want, quickly and easily. We’ll even help you build your own custom reports that can be automatically delivered to you via email whenever you need them – at no extra charge.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to tell your Executive Management Team that your claims department has doubled cost reductions and is more productive than ever before? You can! In fact, we’ll even prove to you how successful you can be before you even get started.

Just contact us to schedule a free Feasibility Study and our team of professional attorney-auditors and bill review experts will conduct a thorough review of your legal invoices. Once your invoices have been carefully reviewed, you’ll get a full, in-person report on the results.

You’ll come away with:

  • An in-depth Bill Analysis Report for each invoice that gives you a line-by-line account of all the deductions that were made, as well the reason behind it.

  • A written report that details:
    -- Overall savings that have been achieved;
    -- An analysis of the productivity;
    -- An assessment of your firms’ compliance with your guidelines and generally accepted billing principles; and
    -- A projection of what your overall savings and ROI would be if an expert-led bill review program were undertaken for your organization.

  • A sample of reports run with your own data, for insight into your legal spend.

There is NO cost or risk to conduct a Feasibility Study -- and the benefits to your business could be huge.

To schedule your Feasibility Study today contact Tony Riccio at 603-501-5244.

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“One of the major advantages for utilizing Bottomline for the management of our legal expense is our claims staff has more time to perform the job they were hired to do, e.g. investigate, evaluate, and negotiate claims…we have reduced our legal cost during our association with Bottomline. If a company has a need to reduce legal expense, Bottomline is highly recommended.”
Cransta Jones, Litigation Manager, IAT Group/Occidental-Wilshire

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