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More leading insurers choose Bottomline for Independent Adjuster Bill Review!

Your peers are reaping huge rewards by taking advantage of our time-proven Independent Adjuster services to control their spend. Just look at the benefits they’re reaping:

  • Increased Efficiency And Paper Elimination
    Why wrestle with manual, paper-based processes when e-billing technology can eliminate the hassle? Today the majority of national and regional IA firms submit invoices electronically in our system. This will make life easier for your claim handlers and your IA firms - so they can both focus on value added activities.
  • Better Business Decisions With In-Depth Reporting Capabilities
    Would you like to know more about what your IA firms are billing you for? When things are done electronically, capturing the details of your IA spend is easy. Plus, the integrated reporting functionality allows you to make smarter and faster decisions.
  • Taking Control of Your IA Spend is Easy (And Risk-Free) – We’ll Prove It
    Just show us a sample of your Independent Adjuster invoices and our expert adjusters will review them for free, identifying the areas where your firm could be increasing efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Significant Savings
    Most of our clients see significant savings on each invoice processed. The average reduction on all IA invoices processed exceeds 8%!

More than 450 IA Vendors submit bills electronically to Bottomline, for a total of more than $60 million annually. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

Contact us today at or 603-501-5411 to schedule your complimentary, 100% risk-free IA Spend Assessment.

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“One of the major advantages for utilizing Bottomline for the management of our legal expense is our claims staff has more time to perform the job they were hired to do, e.g. investigate, evaluate, and negotiate claims…we have reduced our legal cost during our association with Bottomline. If a company has a need to reduce legal expense, Bottomline is highly recommended.”
Cransta Jones, Litigation Manager, IAT Group/Occidental-Wilshire

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