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FAQ's About Bottomline's Expert Bill Review Services

  1. How does Bottomline’s Expert Bill Review Program work?
    Law firms submit electronic invoices that are reviewed by Bottomline attorneys for compliance to any litigation guidelines in place or reasonable and customary standards.

  2. What are the average savings organizations achieve when using the Expert Bill Review Program?
    In our experience we've seen savings range from 8% - 15%, depending on an organization's goals and objectives. Each Expert Bill Review solution is specifically tailored to complement your management strategy while supporting your existing vendor relationships.

  3. Then there’s a guarantee we’ll save money?
    We guarantee you will not pay more than you save.

  4. How much will it cost our law firms?
    Since all firms have the ability to submit electronically, it won’t cost them anything.

  5. What do we need to get started?
    All you’ll need is a list of law firms and contacts and any litigation guidelines or agreements in place.

  6. Are we likely to experience push back from our law firms if we’d like to take advantage of Bottomline’s
    Expert Bill Review services?
    More than 11,000 firms already submit invoices through Bottomline’s legal spend management systems, so
    there is a high probability the majority of your firms are already submitting invoices for other Bottomline clients.
    If they aren’t, it’s easy for them to get started submitting electronically—and the benefits to them are numerous,
    including faster invoice payment.

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“One of the major advantages for utilizing Bottomline for the management of our legal expense is our claims staff has more time to perform the job they were hired to do, e.g. investigate, evaluate, and negotiate claims…we have reduced our legal cost during our association with Bottomline. If a company has a need to reduce legal expense, Bottomline is highly recommended.”
Cransta Jones, Litigation Manager, IAT Group/Occidental-Wilshire

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