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In the healthcare system, everything starts here: the cycle of patient care begins and the revenue cycle clock starts ticking.  Information collected at admission is immediately needed by clinicians to proceed with triage, assessment and treatment.  Patient history can influence conclusions, patient consents can guide informed care, and critical admissions- generated forms such as patient wristbands and labels ensure confidence of patient identity --  all of which contribute to ensuring patient safety.  At the same time, this information, combined with patient demographics and insurance details, are critical data needed to drive “clean” claims and ensure proper payment to the provider.  

The registration desk and the health information systems  are co-dependent, but the workflow between them  is typically paper-bound.  This results in daily struggles of:

  • Slow, resource-intensive manual registration processes
  • Missing or incomplete information
  • Bad data resulting from human errors translating handwritten fields, or mistakes in manual data entry

With the challenge to improve patient satisfaction and care, coupled with the need to  adhere to evolving regulatory mandates, providers are forced to walk a tight rope between providing quality medical care and supporting an efficient, cost -effective business model.

Bottomline helps healthcare organizations improve the experience and efficiency of the registration process.  Our next-generation solutions facilitate the evolution from paper and manual scanning  to a fully digitized, automated process.  This flexibility provides for the option to start with simple pre-filled forms or to embrace mobile, electronic forms capable of capturing discrete data elements –  the critical  building block for care processes, revenue cycle processes, and the expected objective for Stage 3 Meaningful Use Standards .  The automation extends efficiency by also automatically uploading the information to HIM and financial systems via easy integration to EMR and financial core applications and databases.  As a result, Bottomline customers experience:

  • Increased patient and clinician satisfaction 
  • Increased patient safety
  • Reduced errors and costs associated with data capture and transmission at point of admission and care
  • Increased accuracy, accessibility, and liquidity of patient data for faster downstream claims processing of coding and billing


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