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Improving Patient Engagement Through Mobile Data Capture

Healthcare is on the move --literally.  Technology has provided for advanced care options, healthcare administration is streamlining and optimizing processes, and the patient experience has become tantamount.  Demographic, clinical and financial data are the building blocks for connecting these aspects of healthcare. To keep pace with healthcare reform, data capture needs to be on the move too.

We understand that scanning a document is not equivalent to mobilizing the data. In fact,

  • Manual handling of printed forms introduces a potential point of failure
  • Care and revenue processes are hindered as a result of delays in access to documents and data
  • Critical information can be missing when documents are not validated as complete or accurate prior to scanning

Our expertise is in providing electronic forms that capture data without physical or electronic tethers.  Using tablets, we capture the discrete data required for both clinical and revenue processes. The data is  validated and confirmed for completeness at the point of capture – anywhere, anytime. When the form is complete and submitted, the information is automatically made available to the healthcare ecosystem, including all relevant technology applications. 

With Bottomline’s mobile data capture solutions, healthcare organizations:

  • Improve the patient experience by enabling clinical and administrative personnel to work bedside and in-motion
  • Accelerate the billing-to-cash cycle by streamlining coding tasks and increasing claims accuracy
  • Reduce costs and latency of care by eliminating paper and scanning
  • Enable flexible, discrete data capture to support  evolving requirements for analytics, predictive care modeling, and Stage 3 Meaningful Use objectives
  • Embrace the growing demands of clinicians to utilize their own mobile devices (often referred to as BYOD or “Bring Your Own Device”).

Bottomline’s mobile solutions also embrace the ability to acquire the discrete data elements critical for organizational health and quality patient outcomes. Our next-generation solutions not only mobilize data capture, but also establish data liquidity that propels a healthcare facility through the evolution from paper, scanning and disparate systems to the foundation for a healthy future of informatics and predictive patient care.

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Infographic: The Paper v.s. Data Problem in US Healthcare Registrations
There is more pressure than ever to reduce costs in most hospitals - but paper heavy registration processes are an expensive burden for most facilities. This infographic explores the potential savings of moving to discrete data capture.

Applying Mobile Data Capture Technology to Improve the Patient Experience 
iPads are now a ubiquitous, familiar, friendly technology - and applying mobile data capture to capture signatures and discrete data can improve the patient experience by replacing paper forms.

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