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Signatures are ubiquitous in healthcare: registration, consents, orders, discharge instructions, prescriptions and more.  However, with each signature required:

  • Costs are incurred to print the multiple, hard copy documents that require one or many signatures
  • Manual scanning and storage of the same documents just printed is required to establish a digitial archive 
  • Delays are incurred in both the care and revenue cycle processes

Transform that signature to new, electronic methods, and new possibilities for efficiency and compliance emerge. Bottomline, experts in healthcare data  and document process automation, provides multiple electronic signature capture options to meet the varying needs of today’s facilities, including signature pads for on-the spot authorizations of consents, and mobilized signatures on tablets for bedside authorizations.  With electronic signatures, Bottomline can help healthcare organizations:

  • Accelerate point-of-care and revenue cycle processes by eliminating manual or paper-constrained steps
  • Handle a variety of consent requirements, complete with dynamic, context-aware field values
  • Provide audit information to legally validate the date ,time and biometric evidence of each authorization
  • Ensure complete documentation by establishing validation of a form’s completion and by requiring the appropriate signature(s) 

With our next-generation solutions,  signature processes are untethered, digitized and ready to support the future.  A healthcare organization can travel the evolutionary path from paper to electronic capture while preserving the patient experience and focusing on quality patient outcomes

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