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Meaningful Use: Beyond Stage 1

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Today a hospital must register a patient with all critical information, including demographic, medical history and insurance eligibility.  Tomorrow, regulatory requirements will increase for the level of data, tracking and reporting required to comply with new mandates.  Ideally, one solution would help a hospital achieve these evolving requirements -- today and tomorrow -- without incremental costs.

Since the HITECH Act was passed in February 2009, provider organizations have spent millions of dollars and countless hours attempting to meet increasing  regulatory milestones.  With complicated technology projects competing for budgets, over-tasked IT and IS personnel are facing tough daily decisions challenging the balance between quality patient experiences and a healthy business.

While actual requirements are being released in incremental stages, Bottomline’s solutions are already thinking ahead. One key strategy for today that will carry a healthcare organization through tomorrow is to focus on the smallest, but most important common denominator: the discrete data. We can help facilities meet Stage 2 and Stage 3 requirements by ensuring that:

  • Information is captured in components small enough for broad consumption by all required hospital systems and business processes
  • The patient and clinician experience is seamlessly adapted to capture all required information even as the type, format and content of items are changing with evolving regulations
  • The type and volume of data captured is easily adjusted  to serve strategic community health goals that are not mandated today, but are trending quickly, such as predictive care modeling

Bottomline’s healthcare solutions provide rich functionality as a system-agnostic, integrated solution.  We have mastered the relevance of data trapped in multi-page forms and complex healthcare technology systems. With our expertise and technology, we can address today's requirements, such as electronic signature, with a solution capable of simplifying tomorrow’s discrete data requirement at the same time.  We have clear visibility and understanding of the evolution from paper to electronic, mobile, and context-aware discrete data;  and, we understand how data liquidity serves as the foundation for quality patient outcomes and organizational health. 

With our solutions, a healthcare organization can:

  • Solve today’s issues of gaps between systems and paper-constrained processes
  • Achieve the flexibility to capture and validate data at discrete levels while presenting familiar environments to the patient and hospital personnel
  • Adapt your data capture strategy as regulations and standards evolve without changing the user experience or requiring new or replacement technology 
  • Establish a foundation to capture and feed the discrete data elements that will drive future patient quality initiatives such as predictive modeling, genomics and community health insight

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