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Mobile workers are faced with increasing demands for high-touch customer care coupled with evolving, often mandated requirements for documentation. Hours spent on tedious document tasks can take precious time away from the customer, yet shortcuts can result in costly errors, latency in invoicing and payment receipt, potential regulatory and compliance conflicts, and a negative impact on customer satisfaction.

Our Solution
Bottomline’s innovative, mobile “e-Paper” solution makes the collection and presentation of customer service, sales and business data fast and easy for customers, mobile workers and administrative staff. Our solution is the only intelligent, truly paperless solution that is mobile, secure and integrated to your back-office environment.

Delivered via tablets, Bottomline’s solution provides an interactive “forms under glass” experience that supports digital ink and voice recognition with active validation at the point of service, color annotation for emphasis and discrete data entry. The result? An interactive “forms under glass” solution that’s as natural and unrestrictive as paper with all the benefits of a digital document.

Why Invest in a Mobile Documentation Solution?

  • Easy Template Design for the Fastest Path to Paperless. Customize your document templates with our graphical design wizard, including quick-start designs from our forms catalog.

  • Customer- and Employee-Friendly, Including Presentation of Pre-filled Forms. Pre-populate forms with real-time task and customer data via standard integration to your core systems. Natural, e-paper interface looks and feels like your existing paper forms, making it simple and easy-to-use.

  • Real-Time Validation. Build powerful, custom business rules to reduce errors and ensure downstream data integrity.

  • Integrates into the Enterprise. Enterprise-level integration with any ERP, CRM, ECM or Field Service Management system via industry standards provides real-time access to key information.

  • Off-line Mode for True Mobility. Ensure continuous service delivery and support business operations even when connectivity to a network or server is unavailable. In off-line mode, data is synced automatically to a secure local database so that documentation can be completed and uploaded to the server once network access is re-established.
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