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Manage the Lifecycle of Transactional Documents

In today’s technology-focused business world, many processes are still document-driven. Without automation, these document-intensive processes can be a huge drain on your company’s time, resources and, most importantly, bottom line. Transform helps to address the high costs of developing and managing paper documents, while reducing the administrative complexity of routing and approving documents across the enterprise.

From generating, delivering and archiving outbound documents to scanning, classifying, and extracting data from inbound documents, Bottomline’s comprehensive document management solutions enable your company to manage the entire lifecycle of your document processes – faster, easier and more efficiently than you do today. Transform offers capabilities for:

  • Incoming Document and Data Capture: By incorporating Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, your Transform deployment can be extended to read barcodes or other document details.
  • Efficient Document Composition and Delivery: Windows-based Document Designer enables the composition of dynamic documents that can then be automatically distributed via a variety of delivery channels.
  • Collaborative Document Processing: By consolidating the management of documents into a single, common view and automatically routing them to a user’s Web browser for action, organizations gain greater visibility and control over transactional communications.
  • Maximizing Your ERP Investment with Productivity Packs: Productivity Packs for SAP and Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne alleviate the complexity of document design, meeting regulatory controls and integrating data into business processes.
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