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Automated Document Distribution via Fax

Create!fax® is an advanced server-based document faxing module for the Create!form® output environment. Create!fax allows Create!form output to be instantly re-routed for automated document delivery via today's leading enterprise fax servers. This system allows automatic faxing of invoices, statements and other documents using the standard output from any application. The Create!fax solution can be used immediately, without application changes.

Create!fax savings are substantial. Mail room costs are quickly reduced and significant labor savings result from bypassing traditional "snail mail" inefficiencies. No more time wasted standing in queue for the fax machine, no more clearing paper jams – all manual processes are instantly converted into a fast, automated, back-office operation. Once configured, Create!fax's automated approach allows the attention to be focused on the business, not the fax machine.

Once a document is generated from the application output, it's automatically sent to Create!form Director where a job ticket is attached to each document identifying the recipient's specific fax information. Based on this job ticket, the Create!form Server automatically merges the document with the corresponding electronic form, generates an efficient PostScript® file and sends it on to the fax management software for transmission.

Create!fax features include:

  • Direct integration with Captaris® RightFax® or Equisys® Zetafax® (SMTP options are also available for use with other systems);
  • Interaction with fax server software for confirmation delivery, notification of failure, remote status inquiry and messaging;
  • Ability to leverage existing IT infrastructure;
  • Full customization of fax cover sheets; 
  • Automated document distribution using fax address look up from an external database or from within the spool file itself; and 
  • Built-in utilities for job tracking.
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