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Automated Document Distribution via Email

Create!email® provides a streamlined solution for electronic document distribution. Without modifying existing applications, Create!email will automatically send Create!form® documents via any SMTP server or VIM (Lotus Notes®) application, complete with a personalized message and additional attachments as desired. Automated document delivery creates immediate savings from reduced or eliminated postage, handling and hard copy costs associated with traditional print and mail delivery of business documents.

Create!email utilizes the built-in flexibility of Windows® printing services, allowing spool files from a host system application to be printed to an email port using your application's own print commands. Information included in a job ticket created with Create!form Director, is used to identify the email recipient, specify a message template to use and select the form project for the job. From this information, Create!form Server merges the document with an electronic form that was created with Create!form and generates a PDF file. The PDF file is then sent to the email client and delivered to the recipient named in the job ticket. A PDF file provides a universally accepted format for electronic document distribution and produces small files (usually 5-10KB per page), resulting in minimal use of bandwidth.

Create!email features include:

  • Automatic distribution of Create!form documents via email in any of the following formats:
    • PDF attachment
    • Embedded text hyperlink within an email body
    • Text in the body of the email itself
  • PDF password protection for sensitive data;
  • Definition of one or more email recipients, including TO, CC or BCC;
  • Personalize subject line and email content on the fly;
  • Automatic log off from the mail application at the end of a job or after an elapsed time as specified by the user; and
  • Optional delivery or notification of failed messages.


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