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Instantly Route Electronic Documents by Fax, Email or the Web

To successfully compete in today's global marketplace, it is crucial that companies use technology to control costs, provide excellent customer service and recover financial resources quickly. Automated document delivery allows companies to operate efficiently by eliminating the repetitive, time-consuming, manual process of faxing, mailing or filing invoices, purchase orders, checks, statements and other critical business documents.

Bottomline's Transform® suite features a variety of modular, distributed output management options including encrypted email attachment, embedded email hyperlink, fax server, archive and distributed printing. Transform's graphical process modeling tool enables quick and easy management of output distribution logic by defining automated document routing. This powerful application provides instant identification of document types and their respective preferred distribution methods based on conditional logic and pre-defined business rules. Transform automatically copies, splits and distributes the files into individual documents and delivers them to any network printer, sends them electronically via fax, email or the Web, or delivers them to a digital archive with Transform™ Content Center.  Electronic payment bundles are also available to support the delivery of outbound AP payments as secure ACH files to vendor or customer accounts.

Bottomline's automated electronic document distribution solutions enable customers, suppliers, partners and employees to work together more effectively than ever before regardless of geographical location, document type or preferred delivery method. Having the ability to automatically email or fax a document also eliminates the expenses associated with mailing documents - such as paper, postage, expensive equipment and labor - and can shorten remittance cycles to improve cash management. 

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