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Financial institutions and corporates face an uncertain economic environment, with continuing pressures on margins with heightened regulatory and compliance mandates – all within an increasingly fast changing and competitive landscape. Additional challenges arise with new financial message standards and requirements emerging alongside national and legacy formats and systems.

Utilizing the integrated, high performance  GTSuite® solutions from Bottomline, proven in the industry with some of the world’s largest financial institutions, customers can benefit from a mission-critical financial messaging infrastructure in both a hosted as well as client self-deployed mode.

High-Performance Hub

GTExchange is a high-performance, multi-company financial messaging solution, providing a comprehensive and uniquely-designed network-agnostic connection hub to SWIFT and other networks. This premium solution supports high volume and complex message flows from multiple counterparties, delivering control, transparency and proven efficiencies to organizations around the globe. It comprehensively manages a disparate matrix of formats and protocols, ensuring complete interoperability between legacy, domestic and XML messaging standards.

Comprised of specialized modules for Connectivity, Message Creation, and Middleware Interoperability, GTExchange can be utilized individually as components, integrated with market ESBs, or holistically as an integrated messaging solution.  The unique network-agnostic approach taken by the product allows GTExchange to provide the same industry best-practice counterparty authentication security on internal bank networks as well as over SWIFT.  This important distinction allows banking customers to leverage their SWIFT infrastructure for messaging while avoiding SWIFT network messaging costs. 

When deployed in conjunction with GTFrame, the products together provide a comprehensive solution allowing seamless integration across not only FIN (ISO 15022) and MX (ISO 20022) standards, but also other industry protocols as well as completely proprietary message formats that may be in place from legacy counterparties and systems.

When GTMatch is integrated into the solution payments, trades, and holdings can be matched and reconciled.  With its own Exception and Investigation workflow, issues can be immediately identified and tracked across the organization for remediation while managing agreed upon service levels.  This one-stop shopping avoids the deployment of other costly industry E&I workflow tools that are often deployed as a stand-alone solution.

Boasting the best scalability and resiliency available anywhere on the market today, the Linux deployment option delivers exceptional cost-efficient performance flexibility. GTExchange supports several high availability and clustering designs for uninterrupted 24x7 service and data accessibility with no single point of failure.

GTExchange supports Oracle Database 11gR2, WebLogic 11gR1, Oracle Solaris 11, Oracle Linux 5.5 (or higher), Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud.

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